as recommended by Professor Paul Mayewski, Climate Change Institute:

  1. Climate Change 2014
    Synthesis Report
    Summary for Policymakers
  2. Arctic Change and Possible Influence on
    Mid-Latitude Climate and Weather
    a U.S. CLIVAR White Paper
  3. Impacts of a Warming Arctic
  4. Arctic Temperature Change
    Over the Past 100 Years
  5. An Introduction to the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
  6. Arctic Climate: Past and Present
  7. The Changing Arctic: Indigenous Perspectives
  8. Future Climate Change: Modeling and Scenarios for the Arctic
  9. Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation
  10. Cryosphere and Hydrology
  11. Arctic Tundra and Polar Desert Ecosystems
  12. Freshwater Ecosystems and Fisheries
  13. Marine Systems
  14. Principles of Conserving the Arctic’s Biodiversity
  15. Management and Conservation of Wildlife in a Changing Arctic Environment
  16. Hunting, Herding, Fishing and Gathering: Indigenous Peoples
    and Renewable Resource Use in the Arctic
  17. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  18. Human Health
  19. Infrastructure: Buildings, Support Systems, and Industrial Facilities
  20. Climate Change in the Context of Multiple Stressors and Resilience
  21. Summary and Synthesis of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

as recommended by Research Assistant Professor Robert Northington,
University of Maine, Climate Change Institute

  1. The Arctic in the Twenty-First Century: Changing Biochemical
    Linkages Across a Paraglacial Landscape of Greenland
  2. Mercury in Freshwater Ecosystems of the Canadian Arctic:
    Recent Advances On Its Cycling and Fate
  3. Climate Change and the Permafrost Carbon Feedback

as recommended by Professor Charles Norchi, University of Maine School of Law:

  1. A Parliamentary Resolution on Iceland's Arctic Policy
  2. Arctic Council Ottowa: 1996 Declaration on the Establishment of the Arctic Council
  3. Breaking the Ice: Emerging Legal Issues in Arctic Sovereignty
    (Chicago Journal of International Law)
  4. The Arctic in the Public Order of the World Community
  5. Fisheries Case: United Kingdom v Norway
  6. Four Arctic Law Pillars: A Legal Framework
  7. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)
  8. A Pre-View of Policy Sciences

as recommended by Professor Jeffrey Thaler, University of Maine School of Law:

  1. How the Polar Code Protects the Environment
  2. Overview of the Polar Code
  3. Arctic Shipping: New Environmental and Human Rights Risk
  4. Maine DEP Summary
  5. Citizen Petition (to the Maine DEP) for Rulemaking to
    Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    (first 5 pages)
  6. Maine Climate Protection Petition
    Toolkit for Signature Gatherers

    (skim supporting materials)
  7. Amended Complaint in City of San Francisco
    Versus Multiple Fossil Fuel Companies

    (skim facts and theories)
  8. Complaint in Juliana v United States
    (skim fact alleged and legal theories asserted)
  9. Motion to Dismiss in Juliana v United States
    (skim court ruling)
  10. Articles on 2018 Climate Change Science Tutorial
    for Federal Judge in the San Francisco Litigation
  11. Role of Public Health in New Climate Lawsuits

as recommended by Peter Neill, World Ocean Observatory:

  1. Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez